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Hare Krsna! Welcome to our site :)

Here we write about how to travel in India and Nepal getting the most out of spending a minimum. Also, you will learn how to sew a japa bag for malas ... Or maybe you are looking to buy a bag for your beads? We are sewing and successfully selling them all over the world to our friends who are looking within and searching for God. We have a small store of magical things where you can choose an interesting product and we will arrange for it to be delivered quickly to you. :) We also collect articles of spiritual teachers of the world that inspire us to continue our spiritual path. We provide a lot of material about how to play harmonium and mrdanga, featuring melodies of Aindra Prabhu. Our foremost business is selling and shipping the highest quality instruments (mrdangas, harmoniums, kartalas). Please visit our shop for more details.

Thank you for curiosity, we are happy to get acquainted closer.

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